Powernail Co.

Until 1946, hardwood flooring was hand nailed to plywood using cut nails. It was very laborintensive and difficult to make sure that the nails were inserted properly giving the flooringconsistent stability. That is when Carl and Ed Anstett founded Powernail and developed the firstModel 45 nailer which allowed installers to “drive” a serrated cleat into the flooring’s tonguethe exact same way, each and every time. They revolutionized the hardwood flooring industry.As recognition of their pioneering accomplishment, Carl and Edgar were inducted into theNWFA Hall of Fame in 2007. Powernail continues to develop and introduce new and excitingproducts. These products include a palm nailer for getting into tight spaces and pneumaticnailers for engineered wood flooring. Visit one of Derr Flooring Co.’s, fully stocked warehousesto see a demonstration or to pick up your Powernail nailer, cleats, staples or parts. Don’t havetime to do your own repairs. Let our trained service center staff get your Powernail nailerworking like new.