Bruce Hardwood

Bruce Hardwood Floors

For almost 100 years, Derr Flooring Co and Bruce Hardwood Floors have partnered to bring the quality, style and design of their products to retailers in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As the largest US manufacturer of hardwood floors, Bruce is able to provide a broad array of products that appeal to consumers’ taste, décor and budget. Most of these offerings are immediately available from Derr’s vast inventory, thereby assuring the retailer that their choice can arrive at their store or jobsite within a few days

We take great pride in being Bruce’s longest tenured distributor and in the fact that Derr Flooring Co has played a significant role in Bruce’s rise to being the world’s largest manufacturer of hardwood flooring. With new and exciting products being introduced this year, we are confident that Bruce Hardwood Floors will remain the dominant brand for years to come.